The Thoreau Whisperer - Thoreau's Words in Our Time!!!   


Channeling the Spirit of Henry David Thoreau

A True Story by Cathryn McIntyre

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Book Description

After an encounter with her mentor, an eminent Thoreau scholar, eleven days after his death, in The Thoreau Whisperer, Cathryn McIntyre finds she must hone her psychic abilities, set her doubts aside and accept the role she was destined to play in a remarkable collaboration that allows the words of Henry David Thoreau to be heard once again in our time.

If you met Thoreau on the street in Concord today and struck up a conversation you might well hear the same words you will read within the pages of The Thoreau Whisperer.  He is as real in spirit, as he was in life.  He is still following his own unique path, is concerned with the higher laws and the fundamental truths, and is inspiring us with his insights and humor as he shares observations about the life that he lived, about life as it is lived today and about his experiences in the realms of spirit.  And, just as in her book, Honor in Concord, in The Thoreau Whisperer, Cathryn McIntyre presents a reality that few others have experienced.  In The Thoreau Whisperer, it is clear that Thoreau was right when he wrote in Walden, “The universe is wider than our views of it.

From The Back Cover of The Thoreau Whisperer...

Many who read the words “Channeling Thoreau," will think "No way!” but before you put this book down and move on to the next one I hope you will ask yourself this: What if it was him?  What if it was Thoreau’s spirit that I tapped into in the fall of 2006  and whose words are contained within the pages of this book?   What if it was him and I never told the story and  never shared the message he entrusted me with?"  Those are the questions I asked myself when all I wanted was to give in to my own doubts and fears and forget that any of this had ever happened.

One day  about a year after the transmissions began I was given this statement in response to my concerns about how this book would be perceived and how I myself would be regarded: 

Whether this work is channeled or simply inspired little matters for the depth of information
and wisdom it contains.  Those who read it are unlikely to look at Thoreau in the same way again. 
In The Thoreau Whisperer, the relevance of his message in our lives has never been more evident. 
It is a message that is as timeless, ageless and as infinite as we are.  It is the message of the soul.

So, here it is for your enjoyment and acceptance or for your ridicule and dismissal.  Whatever your response or reaction might be I hope those of you who choose to read it will allow for even just one minute that it is Thoreau who is speaking to you in this way, and that if Thoreau lives on, what if everyone else who ever lived lives on, too?  Might that change your view of life and how you live it?  This experience has certainly changed my life and me. - Cathryn McIntyre


 In addition to The Thoreau Whisperer, Cathryn McIntyre is the author of Honor in Concord: Seeking Spirit in Literary Concord and the founder of The Concord Writer, a literary and publishing concern dedicated to the words, wisdom and enduring spirit of Henry David Thoreau.  

From The Thoreau Whisperer - Author's Note: 

The original title of The Thoreau Whisperer  was Thoreau's Wise Silence  and it has been referred to as a work in progress and quoted from on The Concord Writer website under that name for many years.  The title, Thoreau's Wise Silence was inspired by this quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson's The Over-Soul. "We live in succession, in division, in parts, in particles. 
Meantime within man is the soul of the whole; the wise silence;
the universal beauty, to which every part and
particle is equally related; the eternal ONE." 

Although the underlying theme of the book continues to be the wise silence, I have chosen to publish it with the more playful title, The Thoreau Whisperer, thus taking advantage of what has become a common expression in our time.  I first heard the term "whisperer" when it was used in Robert Redford's movie, The Horse Whisperer, about a man with a special gift for communicating with horses.  It was later used in the title of one of my favorite ever television programs, The Ghost Whispererto describe a woman who has the ability to see and communicate with ghosts.

I have chosen the title, The Thoreau Whisperer  for this book, to describe a woman who has a gift for connecting to those in spirit and had the extraordinary opportunity to communicate with the spirit of Henry David Thoreau.  That woman is me.  The Thoreau Whisperer is the true story of my experience channeling the spirit of Henry David Thoreau.  - Cathryn McIntyre

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"In The Thoreau Whisperer,  my story resumes six years after the moment atop Author’s Ridge at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Concord that concludes my first book, Honor in Concord, in which I allude to my ability to connect psychically with the authors who are buried there.  But where that scene in Honor in Concord is mostly playful, in The Thoreau Whisperer, I am now actually doing it and it is serious and powerful and impossible even for me to believe." - Cathryn McIntyre